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New In Stock 05/04/2024

New In Stock 05/04/2024

New In Stock 05/04/2024

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Attention, retailers! Immerse yourself in our latest blog post, curated especially for you, highlighting our newest arrivals that are sure to captivate your customers and elevate your store shelves. Prepare to be enchanted by standout pieces like the awe-inspiring "Baphomet's Veneration" sculpture, measuring an impressive 53cm, and our whimsical trio of "Three Wise Spell Cats," "Three Wise Squirrels," and "Three Wise Foxes," each approximately 8.5cm in height. Embrace the allure of gaming and fantasy with the intriguing "Dungeons & Dragons Gelatinous Cube Dice Box" and the exquisite "Lord of The Rings The Shire Goblet." Don't miss out on the striking 30cm "Batman & Catwoman" character bust, a must-have for any superhero enthusiast. Stay ahead of the curve and captivate your clientele with these exceptional additions to your collection. Keep an eye out for more exclusive offerings that promise to elevate your store to new heights. Seize this opportunity and elevate your retail experience!

05/04/2024 New In Stock

Back In Stock 

We're delighted to announce the triumphant return of some beloved favorites to our inventory! Immerse yourself once again in the enchanting realms of Darkness Resides (U1734E5), Final Flame (U2060F6), and Dragon's Altar (U2553G6), each offering a unique and captivating allure. Embrace the mystique of Celtic Decadence (U2465G6) and the whimsical charm of Three Wise Owls (U2549G6), while the majestic presence of Sacred Keeper (U4185M8) and the imposing Tribal Traditions Large (U4777P9) make a remarkable comeback. From the celestial beauty of Angels Offering (U5468T1) to the eerie allure of Count Catula (U5726U1), there's something to captivate every taste and preference. Don't miss this opportunity to restock your shelves with these spellbinding pieces that are sure to enthrall your customers once more! Embrace the magic and elevate your offerings with these beloved favorites.

Unboxing  Rabbit and Clock  - Wonderland Fairy

Standing to attention on the face of an oversized clock, this Rabbit grasps the chain of a large pocket watch. Exclusively available as part of Nemesis Now's Fantasy giftware collection, it shows our Fairy wearing a caped bralette and skirt as well as a piar of black stockings, emblazoned with roman numeral. This toned down palette is echoed on her wings which start at vibrant red but end black. Her white hair sharply contrasts her outfit as it falls down over her right shoulder, topped by a pair of long rabbits ears. Cast in the finest resin before being hand-painted, this figure is perfect for anyone who's conscious of the time.

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