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  1. May New Product Launch Week 2 10/05/2024

    May New Product Launch Week 2 10/05/2024

    May New Product Launch Week 2 10/05/2024Behold our Summer Launch 2024, Dive Into Our Highlight Week 2 Drop Dead Gorgeous - Cackle and Chaos 19cm B6596B24 View product Drop Dead Gorgeous - Pins and Needles 20.5cm B6595B24 View product Spirit Board Fairy 15cm B6793B24 View product Mad About Cats Box (LP) 16.5cm B6671B24 View ... Read more...
  2. May New Product Launch 03/05/2024

    May New Product Launch 03/05/2024

    May New Product Launch 03/05/2024Behold our Summer Launch 2024!Discover the enchanting wonders of the 2024 May Summer Launch! Step into a world of unparalleled marvels exclusively crafted by Nemesis Now. Explore our exquisite Cult Cuties and arcade-themed tankards. Unveil Anne Stokes' mesmerizing Yggdrasil Wall Plaque and Drop Dead Gorgeous skull ... Read more...
  3. Back In Stock 26/04/2024

    Back In Stock 26/04/2024

    Back In Stock 26/04/2024Have a look at what has landed back in stock this week ????Exciting news from Nemesis Now – some of our most beloved and intricately crafted collectibles are back in stock! Get ready to delight your customers with the return of fan favorites like the iconic Stormtrooper Bookends, the stunning Iron Maiden Senjutsu Bust ... Read more...
  4. Back In Stock 19/04/2024

    Back In Stock 19/04/2024

    Back In Stock 19/04/2024Have a look at what has landed back in stock this week ????Attention, retailers and partners! We're thrilled to announce the restock of some of our most sought-after items, now available for purchase on our website. From the spellbinding Harry Potter Dobby Bust 30cm to the majestic Lord of the Rings Sauron Goblet 22.5cm, ... Read more...
  5. Toss A Coin To Your Witcher

    Toss A Coin To Your Witcher

    Toss A Coin To Your WitcherToss a coin to your Witcher and fulfil your destiny with Nemesis Now’s exclusive range of Witcher giftware. First released on Netflix in 2019, this epic series follows Geralt of Rivia, Cirilla The Princess of Cintra, and Yennefer of Vengerberg, as they journey towards their destiny through the chaos of the continent... Read more...
  6. New In Stock 05/04/2024

    New In Stock 05/04/2024

    New In Stock 05/04/2024Check out our latest new in stock video belowAttention, retailers! Immerse yourself in our latest blog post, curated especially for you, highlighting our newest arrivals that are sure to captivate your customers and elevate your store shelves. Prepare to be enchanted by standout pieces like the awe-inspiring "Baphomet's ... Read more...
  7. Easter Bank Holiday & New In Stock 28/03/2024

    Easter Bank Holiday & New In Stock 28/03/2024

    Easter Bank Holiday & New In Stock 28/03/2024Important Easter Bank Holiday Update. Our offices will be closed from 29/03/24 re-opening at 8am 02/04/24Orders placed during this time will be processed upon our return.  In honor of the Easter weekend, every staff member was treated to a delightful Easter egg accompanied by a card showcasing... Read more...
  8. New In Stock For The First Time 22/03/2024

    New In Stock For The First Time 22/03/2024

    From Incense Burners, To Dragons and Viking & More!Get ready for an exciting stock launch this week featuring a diverse range of captivating items! From mystical incense holders to enchanting figurines, there's something for every taste and preference. Delve into the Orbuculum of the Baphomet, a 16cm masterpiece sure to intrigue. Embrace the ... Read more...
  9. Elisha's Gift Shop Essentials

    Elisha's Gift Shop Essentials

    Elisha's Curated Gift Shop Essentials Collection: Elevate Your Retail Game. Prepare to captivate customers and boost sales with Elisha's curated selection from Nemesis Now's "Gift Shop Essentials" collection. Delight in a fusion of whimsy, elegance, and mystical allure, catering to diverse tastes... Read more...
  10. Finance Teams Top 10

    Finance Teams Top 10

    Finance Teams Top 10Explore the Finance Team's Top 10 selections! Dive into our carefully curated list of premium wholesale gifts, meticulously chosen to elevate your inventory and drive sales. From enchanting figurines to iconic collectibles, each item has been handpicked to resonate with your customers and enhance your store's offerings. Discover... Read more...
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