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Display Items & POS

The key to drawing in customers has always been an attractive display. With our range of customised display items, you can tailor your displays to show any item or range to shoppers. Showing off your products in the best light has never been easier!

24 Items

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  1. Original Stormtrooper Shelf Talker
  2. Luna Lakota Shelf Talker
  3. ACDC Shelf Talker
  4. Five Finger Death Punch Shelf Talker
  5. Ghost Shelf Talker
  6. Metallica Shelf Talker
  7. The Sacred Oak 25cm
  8. Guzzler Point of Sale
  9. Point Of Sale Display Stand
  10. Nemesis Now Shelf Talker
  11. Motorhead Shelf Talker
  12. Elvisly Yours Shelf Talker
  13. Lisa Parker Shelf Talker
  14. Anne Stokes Shelf Talker
  15. Slayer Shelf Talker
  16. John Wayne Shelf Talker
  17. Selena Fenech Shelf Talker
  18. James Ryman Shelf Talker
  19. Amy Brown Shelf Talker
  20. Iron Maiden Shelf Talker
  21. Terminator 2 Shelf Talker
  22. 2 Sided Spinner - Crystal Clear Pictures
  23. Journal Display Stand

24 Items

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Attractive displays can help sales! Our range of Display and POS products have been created to allow our stockists to display our wholesale giftware collectables in the best way possible.