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Product Journey

For over 15 years Nemesis Now has specialised in fantasy and gothic giftware. Working with the world’s greatest fantasy artists, in-demand brand licenses and our own dedicated in-house design team, we create exclusive market-leading collectibles. Continuously striving to deliver innovative products, our team of product designers, cutting-edge modelling and extensive use of sculpting allow us to create fantastically detailed products that are true works of art. Every product is produced to the highest quality and every piece is individually hand-painted adding beauty and fine detail that really makes Nemesis Now products stand out from the crowd.

Take a look behind the scenes and see the story behind the products by joining us as we follow the journey of our Officially Licensed Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Bust through its product development...

1 – Design Concept

The design concept stage is at the beginning of our products journey. Whereby our talented in-house design team comes up with a range of 2D artwork designs. Which once completed and reviewed in-house are then handed to our directors and brand licensors ready for approval. Once approved, the design concepts are then ready to become 3D models. 

2 – Product Creation

By using a combination of modelling and traditional hand sculpting, our design team's 2D artwork is brought to life. Using both technology and exquisite craftsmanship, in order to create 3D sculptures of their work. This initial piece will then need to be photographed and reviewed. 

Once the product receives the green light, this will then become the master product, which will be the basis for all subsequent pieces. Thus, ensuring that the design and dimensions match every product. 

3 – Hand Finishing

To ensure that each of our products are of the highest quality with the finest finish, we have each of our items expertly hand-painted. Using a multitude of different colours and techniques, our products strive to bring to life the vision of our artist's initial design concepts. Alongside ensuring that each of our officially licensed products are a true representation of their brand. 

4 – To Market

As one stage of the product's journey ends, another only just begins. During this stage, our talented graphic designers and photographers work hand in hand, in order to create high-quality packaging and product images. Which both protect our products and showcase the beauty of them to our customers online and within our bi-annual catalogue. Additionally to this, our team creates a selection of lifestyle shots, 360° images, and product videos. Which allows our retailers to view the products in their full glory, all from the comfort of their own homes.