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Stay dry in style with our exclusive range of umbrellas, designed by some of the worlds most celebrated alternative artists!

12 Items

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Set Ascending Direction
  1. Spirit Board Umbrella
  2. Baphomet Umbrella
  3. Familiars Umbrella (LP)
  4. Magical Cats Umbrella (LP)
  5. Spirits of Salem Umbrella (LP)
  6. Fairy Whispers Umbrella (LP)
  7. Hocus Pocus Umbrella (LP)
  8. Adventure Awaits Umbrella (LP)
  9. Fairy Tales Umbrella (LP)
  10. Absinthe Umbrella (LP)
  11. Wish Upon a Star Umbrella (LP)
  12. Witching Hour Umbrella (LP)

12 Items

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Set Ascending Direction

Featuring Unicorns, Fairies, Dragons and much more, our range of Fantasy wholesale umbrellas have been exclusively created using the licensed artworks of leading artists such as Lisa Parker, Anne Stokes and James Ryman, as well as bespoke art from our own designers.