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Baphomet Gifts & Collectibles

Dating back to the inquisition and torture of the Knights Templar, this triple horned deity has the words Solve (separate) and Coagula (join together) emblazoned on its outstretched forearms. Contrary to popular belief, the Baphomet is not a symbol of the satanic or the occult, but the embodiment of opposition and contrasting ideas. It is a symbol of balance in the universe and also a fountain of knowledge and intelligence

<p>The mystical Baphomet is thought of as a symbol of free-thinking heresy and forbidden knowledge. Usually seen sitting cross-legged on top of the world, Baphomet rests, symbolizing the sum total of the universe. Legs ending in cloven hooves, the staff of Asclepius rises from their crotch. Their right arm is raised in a magical blessing with the word SOLVE (separate) written on their forearm, while their left arm is stretched downwards and outwards invitingly, forearm bearing the word COAGULA (join together). A symbol of balance, the Baphomet has taken residence in our wholesale collection and will be a staple for years to come.</p>