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From shoulder to messenger, our range of bags are both stylish yet practical. Featuring a Polyurethane (PU) art print on the front, they have a canvas body as well as a comfortable adjustable strap.

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Set Ascending Direction
  1. Disney Aristocats Marie Baguette Bag 26.5cm
  2. Disney Lion King Simba Baguette Bag 26.5cm
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  3. Disney Stitch Baguette Bag 26.5cm
  4. Disney Stitch Backpack Blue 28cm
  5. Disney Coco - Remember Me Backpack 28cm
  6. Disney Lady and the Tramp Backpack 28cm
  7. Disney 101 Dalmatians Backpack 28cm
  8. Pokémon Pikachu Backpack Black 28cm
  9. Pokémon Pikachu Backpack White 28cm
  10. Pokémon Eevee  Backpack 28cm
  11. The Great Wave off Kanagawa Backpack 28cm
  12. Harry Potter - Golden Snitch Backpack 28cm
  13. Metallica - Master of Puppets Shoulder Bag 23cm
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  14. Metallica - The Black Album Shoulder Bag 23cm
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  15. Spirit Board Embossed Shoulder Bag (NN) 25cm
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  16. Witching Hour Messenger Bag (LP) 40cm
  17. Guidance Shoulder Bag (LP) 23cm
  18. Warriors Of Winter Shoulder Bag (LP) 23cm
  19. Sacred Love Shoulder Bag (LP) 23cm
  20. Sugar Skull (JR) Shoulder Bag 23cm
  21. Wild One (LP) Shoulder Bag 23cm
  22. Winter Guardians (AS) Shoulder Bag 23cm
  23. The Witching Hour (LP) Shoulder Bag 23cm
  24. Messenger Bag Dragon Duo (AS) 40cm

24 Items

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Set Ascending Direction

Featuring Cats, Dragons, Fairies and much more, our range of Fantasy wholesale bags have been exclusively created using the licensed artworks of leading artists such as Lisa Parker, Anne Stokes and James Ryman, as well as bespoke art from our own in-house designers.