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Joe's Top 10

Joe's Top 10

Joe's Top 10

Greetings all, Joe Nemesis Now's Marketing Executive. Here with Joe's Top 10 ! I'm excited to reveal my personal top 10 selections from our best-selling licensed products in 2023.

I've carefully curated a stellar list of some truly exceptional items that sold remarkably well last year. 
From innovative new designs to time-tested favourites, I've chosen a diverse range of quality products that I believe any store must have with an audience any customer could appreciate - whether an avid collector or casual shopper.

I invite you to explore my Top 10 picks and discover some of our most popular and visually impressive offerings. With their outstanding craftsmanship, unique styling, and widespread appeal, these handpicked products are sure to catch your eye.

I'm confident these first-rate selections would make excellent additions to any stores offering. Take a look at my countdown and let me know your thoughts.
This is Joe signing off for now.



... and the Top 5 is?

Welcome back to our countdown series! We've covered some solid ground with our Top 10 to 6 picks, and now it's time for the main event—the Top 5 countdown in Joe's Top 10.

I'm genuinely excited to share these selections with you. Each item represents a careful consideration of what resonated most with our customers throughout 2023.

So let's dive in and discover the standout products that have earned their place as the must-haves for the year ahead.


Joe's Top 10 - No 5
Joe's Top 10 - No 5
Joe's Top 10 - No 5

Iron Maiden Tankard

Coming in at 5 on Joe's Top 10.
Get ready to rock with this officially licensed Iron Maiden Trooper Tankard, brought to you exclusively by us at Nemesis Now. Bold Eddie, sabre raised and standard waving, embodies the famous mascot and boundless energy of his larger-than-life metal band.

Masterfully crafted from quality resin materials and hand-painted in striking detail by our team, this mug vividly evokes Iron Maiden's characteristic look and spirit. The removable stainless steel insert allows for easy cleaning when you’re done refueling like the beast you know you are!


Gremlins Gizmo in Fairy Lights

Our little dude Gizmo got into some holiday hijinks over here at Nemesis Now! Those sneaky Gremlins tangled him up in fairy lights again! ???? We see innocent Gizmo looking too cute with his Santa hat chilling in a web of bright festive lights.

This fun resin sculpture captures a hilarious moment of Gremlins silliness perfect for the holidays. Our artists hand-painted every detail with care to bring Gizmo to life. Add this sweet ornament to your collection for some seasonal spirit...and laughs!

Even when chaos strikes with those prankster Gremlins, adorable Gizmo still gets in the festive mood. His cheerful hat and tangled lights will have you smiling every year you take out your Christmas decor! This little troublemaker will certainly make your stores holidays shine brighter!

That is number 4 on Joe's Top 10



Harry Potter Dobby Bust 30cm

Calling all Harry Potter heads! Check out this awesome officially licensed Harry Potter bust of the lovable house elf, Dobby. Our little dude peers over his shoulder, dressed in an old pillowcase and holding the sock that helped him win his freedom from the Malfoys. Dobby had to make Joe's Top 10.

We crafted this fun Dobby statue with quality resin and hand-painted all the details with wizardly precision to capture his sweet personality. Any Harry Potter fan would be psyched to add this magical piece to their collection!

Our artists brought everyone's favorite free elf to life so you can always remember his moving story of friendship and devotion. Dobby's courage made him a true hero - now let his spirit protect your customers home! Muggles and wizards alike will appreciate this little guy keeping magical watch. Simply socking! ????




Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Bust 

For Harry Potter enthusiasts - behold this officially licensed bust of the formidable dark wizard Lord Voldemort. Coming in at 3 on Joe's top 10. Once known as Tom Riddle, this former Slytherin student rose to become the most feared dark force in all wizarding history.

Cast in quality resin and meticulously hand-painted, this exceptional replica captures Voldemort’s chilling visage - piercing eyes glaring, deadly Nagini poised at the ready. Display this centerpiece to add a sinister touch to your stores Harry Potter offering.

Let the Heir of Slytherin stand vigilant guard, his commanding presence evoking the obsessive allure of dark magic and those who wield it. Welcome the powerful dark lord to your store and relish having one of fiction’s most notorious villains on your side!



Three Wise Stormtrooper 14cm

Recognize those infamous white armor suits and notoriously poor aim? We're talking the Stormtroopers ! We teamed up with Shepperton Design Studios to produce this amusing trio of Trooper statues using original movie molds.

These hilarious resin figures depict three Soldiers attempting some ancient Confucian poses...with questionable success! One frantically gestures "shhh!" with a finger over his mouthpiece. Another desperately covers where his earholes would be. And the third throws his hands up, clearly incredulous at their bumbling antics.

Meticulously hand-painted detailing straight from the films captures these classic antagonists and all their comedic ineptitude. Show off the hapless Stormtroopers and watch your clientele chuckle at their expense - the poor fellows are simply begging for some good-natured ridicule!

That concludes Joe's Top 10.


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