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Ryan's Top 10

Ryan's Top 10

Ryan's Best Sellers Top 10 Section

Our veteran product expert Ryan has the magic touch for predicting top-ranked bestsellers poised to drive major profits. After crunching the numbers on last year's runaway revenue generators, he hand-picked the creme of the crop products that outperformed across all metrics.

Exclusively curated from Nemesis Now's premium lines, these 10 smash hits resonated widely with fans and collectors to rise to the top of 2023 sales. From high-demand pre-order waitlists to products flying off shelves, this list tapped into exactly what consumers were eager to buy.

With his inside line on customer preferences, Ryan selected hot-ticket pieces spanning must-have collectibles, conversation-starting barware, gift-worthy accessories and more. His discerning eye focused on finding that profitable trifecta: quality craftsmanship, beloved licenses and popular culture themes, and allure as display pieces.

His list runs the gamut from sleek to spooky to sci-fi, making these products no-brainer additions for hobby shops, specialty boutiques, entertainment retailers and vendors seeking an inventory edge. Read on to unlock major sales potential in 2024 and wow both loyal fans and new audiences!

Ryan's can't-miss top sellers:


... and the Top 5 is?

Unlock Maximum Sales Potential: Ryan's Top 5 Must-Stock Pieces

You've glimpsed the first products in Ryan's coveted list, but the best is yet to come! As a grand finale, he is unveiling his Top 5 non-negotiable pieces primed to become your hottest inventory for profits in 2024 and beyond.

After assessing overwhelmingly positive feedback, waitlist demand, and fastest-selling potential, Ryan narrowed down the MVPs poised to drive even more customer craze at hobby shops, niche retailers, and specialty boutiques in the coming year. Witness his golden lineup now via video review or our private wholesale links below.

Owning even one or two of Ryan's Top 5 finds means tapping into highly sought-after pieces enthusiasts and novice fans alike will clamor for. Take advantage of our product team's inside line for unbeatable early access. Will you answer profitability's call and make these your must-stock products of the year?


Dungeons & Dragons Tankard

The iconic D&D ampersand centered amid gleaming silver detailing pays homage to the legendary game. Perched above, a fate-deciding D20 die determines quest outcomes, while six core abilities - Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom - ring the base. The sculpted handle even depicts the ferocious head of an ancient red dragon, plus all six dice types used in gameplay below. 


Pokémon Pikachu Cushion

Add some Pokémon power to your plush collection with this huggable Pikachu accent pillow. The iconic electric mouse Pokémon looks ahead affectionately, ready to snuggle and spark playful adventures. This soft polyester cushion captures Pikachu's cheerful spirit from the beloved video game franchise. With vivid colors and detailed embroidery, it makes a thoughtful gift for fans to curl up with.


Bad To The Bone

This playful black cat figurine looks sweet but has some serious cat-titude. Large glassy eyes peer out from a skull collar, while tattooed paws and "Cat Nip" lettering hint at a rebellious side. Expertly cast in quality resin and hand-painted for vivid coloring, this Gothic-styled cat statuette is a purr-fect accent for home decor.



Too Hot To Handle 23cm

Transport yourself to a galaxy far, far away with this Star Wars-inspired melting Stormtrooper helmet sculpture, molding authentic props into an eye-catching art piece. Expertly cast in quality resin from the original 1970s molds, then hand-painted for distressing effects, this Imperial helmet oozes down into an inky black puddle. With incredible attention to detail honoring the iconic sci-fi film legacy, it makes a one-of-a-kind gift for Star Wars collectors and pop culture devotees.


Keep your treasured dice safe from dungeon lurkers with this creative Mimic Chest dice box! Shaped like a fanged monster disguising itself as a treasure chest, the lid opens to reveal a glossy purple mouth interior that stores dice sets securely. Cast in quality resin and hand-painted in scary detail, this D&D-inspired box brings tabletop adventures to life. An eye-catching centerpiece plus practical storage solution for RPG gamers and dungeon masters alike.