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Becki's Top 10

Becki's Top 10

Becki's Best Sellers Top 10 Section

Drawing on her intimate understanding of customer preferences, Becki has chosen sought-after pieces spanning essential collectibles, engaging barware, noteworthy accessories, and more. Her keen eye focused on identifying the trifecta for profitability: impeccable craftsmanship, beloved licenses and popular culture themes, and an inherent allure as display pieces.

Becki's selection spans the spectrum from chic to mysterious to sci-fi, making these products essential additions for hobby shops, specialty boutiques, entertainment retailers, and vendors aiming for a competitive inventory edge. Continue reading to unlock significant sales potential in 2024, impressing both devoted fans and new audiences alike!


... and the Top 5 is?

You've caught a glimpse of the initial products in Becki's coveted selection, but the excitement doesn't stop there! As a thrilling revelation, she is unveiling her Top 5 indispensable pieces destined to elevate your inventory for unparalleled profits in 2024 and beyond.

Following a comprehensive analysis of positive feedback, waitlist demand, and rapid-selling potential, Becki has meticulously curated a lineup of MVPs poised to ignite customer fervor across hobby shops, niche retailers, and specialty boutiques in the coming year. Experience her stellar collection through a video review or explore the offerings via our exclusive wholesale links provided below.

Acquiring just one or two of Becki's Top 5 discoveries means gaining access to highly sought-after items that will capture the attention of enthusiasts and novice fans alike. Seize the opportunity to be ahead of the curve with our product team's exclusive insights for unparalleled early access. Will you respond to the call of profitability and make these your must-stock products of the year?


Spirit Guide (AS) 24cm

Exclusive to Nemesis Now's Premium wholesale giftware selection, this angel figurine, created by renowned Gothic and Fantasy artist Anne Stokes, stands tall with chestnut hair flowing over her shoulders. Holding an iron key in her right hand, her long white dress cascades down, and majestic white wings stretch out from between her shoulders. Crafted in high-quality resin and hand-painted, this captivating angel figurine is a perfect gift for those seeking guidance in life.


Diablo® IV Lilith Goblet 19.5cm

Embrace darkness with Nemesis Now's licensed Diablo IV goblet, showcasing Lilith, Daughter of Hatred, emerging in a 3D effect with wings wrapping around. The stem, inspired by Hell's Gate and demons, complements the design. Crafted in top-quality resin, this Diablo IV goblet is an ideal addition for gaming and pop-culture collectibles stores.


Three Wise Stormtrooper 14cm

Recognizable in their white suits and precise aim, Stormtroopers stand out. Our merchandise, based on Andrew Ainsworth's original moulds, closely mirrors the film props. In a unique twist, three Troopers embody Confucian analects: one gestures silence, another covers his ears to avoid hearing evil, and the last, in disbelief, holds his head. Crafted in premium polyresin and meticulously hand-painted, these Stormtrooper figurines are a must-have for stores specializing in Alternative, Sci-Fi, and Movie merchandise.



Purrah 13.5cm 

From our in-house design team's enchanting imagination emerges Purrah, the Witch Cat—a mysterious blend of good and evil. Its black eyes reveal a hidden darkness, channeling the spirit of a witch with a pointed hat and cape adorned in ornate silver detailing and occult symbols. Crafted in high-quality resin and meticulously hand-painted, this figurine is the epitome of a cute occultist. Paired with Owlocen, the Witch Owl, it's the perfect addition to any feline fanatic's collection, embodying a mix of horror and delight.


Malpuss 10cm

From our in-house design team's enchanting creativity emerges the Bat Cat—an intriguing fusion of good and evil. The black cat sits, adoringly gazing at you, but its black eyes reveal a hidden darkness. Within, a vampire spirit is captured with bat wings protruding from its back and abnormally large canine teeth. Adorned with ornate silver detailing and satanic symbology, this cat is cast in high-quality resin and meticulously hand-painted, making it the epitome of the cutest occultist you've ever seen.