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20 Years of Imagination, Realised: Nemesis Now’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations

20 Years of Imagination, Realised: Nemesis Now’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations

We proudly mark two decades of alternative giftware wonders. Celebrations began on Tuesday, November 28th, within the mystical realms of Nemesis Now, featuring a captivating warehouse tour, an immersive tour of our all-new showroom, culminating in an illuminating presentation at the exclusive Potters Club.

Today, we embark on a journey through time as we celebrate a remarkable milestone, the 20th anniversary of Nemesis Now.

Marking two decades of alternative giftware wonders, we celebrate with pride. Festivities commenced on Tuesday, November 28th, within the enchanting realms of Nemesis Now, showcasing a captivating warehouse tour, an immersive exploration of our all-new showroom, culminating in an illuminating presentation at the exclusive Potters Club.

We re visited stories from along the timeline & invited longtime colleagues to share tales of their journey. From its humble beginnings, Nemesis Now has emerged as one of the UK's foremost creators of wholesale giftware.

Over the years Nemesis Now has transformed; from the gothic charm of the oldest iteration of the wholesale website to the sleek, alternative interface that you see today. In recent times, the Nemesis Now universe has expanded, leading to a dedicated alternative festive world at nemesisnow.christmas, where holiday cheer meets the brand's signature style. But that’s not all, behold the dawn of a new era with nemesisnowdropship.com, a revolutionary drop shipping service designed to streamline the path from creativity to consumer. Dive into the labyrinth of products at nemesisnow.shop, the brand's inaugural direct-to-consumer website, offering a portal for enthusiasts to connect directly with their favourite pieces.

A toast to Nemesis Now's journey wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the invaluable contributions of our dedicated staff and colleagues, the beating heart of Nemesis Now. Their passion and creativity have powered our journey. Additionally, heartfelt gratitude extends to our loyal customers, many of whom remain steadfast companions in our fellowship. Not forgetting the illustrious collaborations forged with Artists, Bands, and Pop-Culture Brands that help inform our iconic identity creating a collection that resonates with diverse audiences.


As we raise our goblets to the past, let us also look to the future. The journey thus far has been nothing short of extraordinary, and the road ahead promises even greater adventures as Nemesis Now stands poised on the brink of endless possibilities.


Here's to another 20 years of conjuring imagination into reality. Cheers to the extraordinary journey… So far.

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