The Ferryman Incense Holder

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Function:Incense & Perfumes
Weight:0.3500 Kg
Primary Colour:White
Secondary Colour:Black
Stock Due Date:19/11/18
Packaging:PVC Box

  • Fantastic alternative gothic design
  • Designed by Nemesis Now
  • Cast in the finest resin
  • Expertly hand-painted
  • Hold standard-size incense sticks

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Sail on the Styx with the Ferryman incense holder, designed exclusively for Nemesis Now by our own artists! Low in the water, the wooden body of this small boat is lined with bones, a ribcage at the prow. The craft is filled with skulls, and at the stern Charon the skeletal ferryman sits, scythe propped up on his shoulder. His hands are clasped together, providing the perfect place to hold an incense stick. Cast in the finest resin before being expertly hand-painted, this incense holder is perfect for bringing a sweet smell to even the most terrifying journeys.

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