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360 Dream Book (21cm) Dream Book (21cm) Dream Book (21cm) Dream Book (21cm) Dream Book (21cm) Dream Book (21cm)
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Dream Book (21cm)

  • SKU: NOW2002
  • Weight: 0.6000kg
  • Material: Resin and Paper
  • Resin Cover Tree of Life Journal
  • High-Quality paper
  • Covers cast in the finest resin
  • Expertly hand-painted

Available from Nemesis Now's premium wholesale giftware range, this resin notebook will certainly help you channel your inner Tree Spirit. Featuring incredibly detailed sculpted covers, the intricate design shows a central tree of life bordered by tendrils of ivy and thick Celtic knot patterns. Made from solid resin, this heavy-weight notebook makes an ideal journal or diary.

Designer: Not specified
Category: Witchcraft & Wiccan
Function: Journals & Notebooks
Weight: 0.6000Kg
Primary Colour: Grey
Secondary Colour: Green
Material: Resin and Paper