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Rise of the Witches Spirit Board (LP) 38.5cm
Rise of the Witches Spirit Board (LP) 38.5cm

Rise of the Witches Spirit Board (LP) 38.5cm

  • SKU: B4358M8
  • Weight: 0.9100kg
  • Material: MDF
  • From the magical artwork of Lisa Parker.
  • Beautifully crafted Spirit Board.
  • Perfect for any cat lover.
  • Size 36cm.

Spirit boards have long been one of the most powerful occult tools there is. Now you can contact other realms with ease with this Lisa Parker spirit board, exclusively available as part of our Premium high-quality wholesale Gothic giftware selection. Bordered with a wood effect, the board has a green hue and has the alphabet marked out in an circle, as well as the numbers 0 to 9. The words Yes, No, Hello and Goodbye appear in each corner. In the centre is a picture of Lisa Parker's artwork where a black cat sits patiently, waiting for her companion to return. Beside her is a branch network that starts with a small pentagram at the top and cascades down to form the perfect crystal ball holder at the bottom. In the Orbuculum you can see the silhouettes of both witches and bats flying through a cursed sky. The power of the spirit world is not something to take lightly but is a fantastic tool for any occult practitioner.

Designer: Not specified
Category: Cats
Function: Ouija & Spirit Boards
Weight: 0.9100Kg
Primary Colour: Unspecified
Secondary Colour: Unspecified
Material: MDF
Packaging: Colour Box