Wildling Princess. 45.5cm

All Premium Fairies


Function:Figurine L (30cm - 50cm)
Weight:5.7000 Kg
Primary Colour:Unspecified
Secondary Colour:Unspecified
Packaging:Brown Box

  • Wolf Fairy Figurine
  • Perfect for any Fantasy lover.
  • Cast in the finest resin.
  • Expertly hand-painted.
  • Size 45.5cm

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Kneeling on the ground, this Wildling Princess is ready for action. Wearing a blue all-in-one suit, trimmed with white fur, she holds a bow and arrow in her hands, aimed and ready to shoot. Her hair flows over her tiny frame, while her large ice-like wings take centre stage. By her right side, a snarling wolf stands, warning off any enemy as she hunts. Cast in the finest resin before being hand-painted, this figure is perfect for anyone who seeks to find magic in everyday life.

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