Wild One Coin Purse (LP)

Lisa Parker All


Weight:0.0528 Kg
Primary Colour:Grey
Secondary Colour:Blue
Packaging:Poly Bag
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Exclusively to Nemesis Now, this stylish and practical coin Purse comes from the untamed imagination of the fantastic Lisa Parker. A wolf’s head stares directly at you, hard blue eyes betraying a soul untouched by civilisation. The points of a pentagram can be seen from behind, with two distant stars visible in the night sky at the top. The Purse around the design fades from black near the bottom up to a dark blue at the top. This durable Purse is held firmly shut with a metal clasp, ensuring your coins are securely held. This Purse is the perfect gift for those who feel the call of the wild, but want to keep their money safe as they venture into the wilderness

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