Trinket Box Enchantment (AS) 5.5cm



Designer:Anne Stokes
Weight:0.0833 Kg
Primary Colour:White
Secondary Colour:Blue
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Exclusively to Nemesis Now’s wholesale giftware range, this trinket box comes from the enchanting imagination of globally renowned fantasy and gothic artist Anne Stokes. The round body of the trinket boxes is a gleaming porcelain white, while the curved lid has art of a magical forest on a moonlit night. A fairy walks forwards towards you through a ring of mushrooms. Smaller fairies flit about her as she locks gazes with you, her blue hair flowing down over her shoulders, iridescent rainbow wings unfurled behind her. In front of her she holds a blue goblet, one hand over it as if she's still casting an incantation. Perfect for keeping your keepsakes safe, this box is a great gift for anyone who wants their trinkets protected by magic.

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