Time Dragon Emerald by Rose Khan 22cm

All Premium Dragons


Function:Figurine M (15cm - 29cm)
Weight:2.6750 Kg
Primary Colour:Brown
Secondary Colour:Green
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Nemesis Now is proud to give you this Fantasy Dragon figurine, from the fantastic imagination of highly talented Fantasy artist Rose Khan. In a subterranean cavern, a green pillar rises from a blue pool of water, holding a crystalline platform with hanging stalactites. Most of the platform is taken up by a large green Dragon, serpentine tail hanging down and wings folded back. In their front claw they clutch a green clock by a brass chain, which dangles above the water as they gaze angrily at a ginger winged cat in front of them. The cat is rearing back, their wings folded behind them, as if the two are engaged in some kind of tense arcane negotiation. Cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted, this superb statuette brings an air of mystery and enchantment to any space.

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