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Wisdom Flight 54.5cm
Wisdom Flight 54.5cm

Wisdom Flight 54.5cm

  • SKU: H3741K8
  • Weight: 3.0000kg
  • Material: Polyresin

Available from Nemesis Now’s Willow Hall high-quality giftware collection, this majestic barn owl can adorn any wall. Swooping down to claim its unwary prey, talons outstretched, this brown barn owl’s feathers shade to white underneath. Its attention is fixed on its hapless target. Perfect for mounting to any wall, this magnificent plaque is cast in high-quality resin before being expertly hand-painted.

Designer: Not specified
Category: Owls
Function: Wall Hanging Sculptures
Weight: 3.0000Kg
Primary Colour: Brown
Secondary Colour: White
Material: Polyresin
Packaging: Brown Box