Small Things Lamp (SF) 30cm

Selina Fenech


Designer:Selina Fenech
Weight:0.4833 Kg
Primary Colour:White
Secondary Colour:Red
Material:Polyester (bulb not included)
Packaging:Colour Box

Lamp supplied with UK plug.

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From the magical imagination of the incredibly talented fantasy and fairy artist Selina Fenech, this enchanting lamp is exclusively available through Nemesis Now. Wearing only leaves, this slender fairy kneels casually against a red toadstool, delicate pink and cream butterfly wings emerging from her back. Pink flowers are visible in her long blonde hair as she turns to look at you calmly, red butterflies flying around her. A window into a world of enchantment, Selina Fenech’s art has been enchanting and delighting audiences worldwide for decades. Now that art can adorn a lamp, the air of wonder being enhanced when the light is lit.

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