Sacred Love Throw (LP) 160cm

Lisa Parker All


Weight:1.1667 Kg
Primary Colour:Blue
Secondary Colour:White
Stock Due Date:07/06/18
Packaging:Cardboard Sleeve/Poly Bag
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From the untamed imagination of world-famous fantasy artist Lisa Parker, this enchanting and luxurious throw is exclusively available through Nemesis Now. Two white unicorns gaze into each other’s eyes – a mare and her foal. As they touch noses lovingly, the tips of their spiraling horns light up. Behind them, a magical forest can be indistinctly made out in the night. With Lisa Parker’s gift for bringing animals to life in her art, this throw isn’t just magically soft, but is also suffused with an enchanting aura of calm, making it perfect for any chair or sofa.

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