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Sacred Circle Throw (LP) 160cm
Sacred Circle Throw (LP) 160cm

Sacred Circle Throw (LP) 160cm

  • SKU: B4336M8
  • Weight: 0.9000kg
  • Material: Polyester
  • From the magical artwork of Lisa Parker.
  • Featuring her Sacred Circle artwork.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Polyester.

From the untamed imagination of magical artist Lisa Parker, this enchanting and luxurious throw is exclusively available through Nemesis Now. A grey cat sits on a stone floor in front of a stained-glass window. They are in the middle of a chalk pentagram, ringed with 5 lit candles. They stare at you questioningly, as if asking why they’ve been summoned. Not only is this throw laced with mystical imagery it is also magically soft, making it perfect for any chair or sofa.

Designer: Not specified
Category: Cats
Function: Throws
Weight: 0.9000Kg
Primary Colour: Unspecified
Secondary Colour: Unspecified
Material: Polyester
Packaging: Cardboard Sleeve