Pure Heart Dreamcatcher (AS) 60cm

Pure Heart


Weight:0.7083 Kg
Primary Colour:White
Secondary Colour:Green
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Exclusively available as part of Nemesis Now’s Premium high-quality alternative wholesale giftware range, this magical dreamcatcher comes from the enchanted imagination of award-winning Fantasy and Gothic artist Anne Stokes. Beneath the hanging branches of an oak tree, sunlight streaming onto the long soft grass around them, a woman and a Unicorn lie, staring at each other lovingly. The white of her flowing white dress is as pure as the white of the Unicorn and the small wildflowers surrounding them. Around her head, a small cord keeps a jewel in place on her forehead. Blue and white feathers hand down from the dreamcatcher frame on black cords, ensuring it has all the magic it needs to give you only the calmest, most magical dreams.

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