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Have the sweetest dreams with our range of magical dreamcatchers! Perfect for hanging from the ceiling or on a wall, they can protect your customers from nightmares while they explore the astral realm.

20 Items

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Set Ascending Direction
  1. Metallic Mesmer Dreamcatcher
  2. Blue Daydream
  3. Dark Melody Dreamcatcher
  4. Flower of Life Hanging Decoration
  5. Hamsa Hanging Decoration
  6. Geometric Symphony Hanging Decoration
  7. Ashling Harmony 8cm (Small)
  8. Pink Rose 11cm
  9. Ivory Rose 11cm
  10. Dream Tree - Lilac 16cm
  11. Dream Tree - White 16cm
  12. Ashling Harmony 16cm (Large)
  13. Onyx Dreams 20cm
  14. Rose Dreams 20cm
  15. Dream Tree - Pink 16cm
  16. Pink Purity 20cm
  17. Purple Purity 20cm
  18. Dream Spectrum 20cm
  19. Tree of Dreams Dreamcatcher 20cm
  20. Vivid Dreams Dreamcatcher 22cm

20 Items

per page
Set Ascending Direction

Featuring artworks from Anne Stokes as well as intricate woven patterns, our range of Gothic Fantasy wholesale dreamcatchers have been created using the highest quality materials. Incorporating Unicorns, Crystals and LED lights they each have their own personality so will suit any alternative gift shop.