Pandora's Box Throw (LP) 160cm

Lisa Parker All


Weight:1.1667 Kg
Primary Colour:Black
Secondary Colour:Brown
Packaging:Cardboard Sleeve/Poly Bag
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Exclusive to Nemesis Now, this luxurious throw comes from the untamed and magical mind of award-winning fantasy artist Lisa Parker. On a wooden table, an inviting and ornate box sits, the gold keyhole set in the centre of the front. It catches the light and shines at you, almost as if winking invitingly. Sitting on the table is a brass key, the top cast into an ornate head centred around a pentacle. A brown paper tag is attached to it with string, and bears the single word “Pandora”. A black cat sits on top of the box, leaning forward and looking at you with amber eyes as if begging you not to open the box of sorrows. Perfect for any table, sofa, chair or bed – or as a wall hanging – this throw is not only an enchanting reminder to avoid temptation, but is also luxuriously soft, making it perfect for any room in your home that needs an extra touch of comfort.

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