Pandora's Box Lamp (LP) 30cm

Lisa Parker All


Weight:0.4833 Kg
Primary Colour:Brown
Secondary Colour:Black
Material:Polyester (bulb not included)
Packaging:Colour Box

Lamp supplied with UK plug.

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From the wild and untamable imagination of the internationally renowned Lisa Parker comes this fantastic alternative lamp, exclusively available through Nemesis Now. On a plain wooden table, an ornate wooden box sits, a large inviting keyhole in the centre of it. On top of the box a black cat sits warily, leaning forward and looking directly at you with their head tilted to one side. They have an expression of calm concern, as if gently warning you away from something you may later regret. Sitting in front of the box, there is a brass key with a pentacle design at the base and a paper label attached with string, simply bearing the legend “PANDORA”. A fantastic reminder of the dangers of temptation, this lamp really comes alive when lit, making the allure of the mysterious box even stronger.

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