Noire Coin Purse (Little Shadows)



Weight:0.0574 Kg
Primary Colour:Brown
Secondary Colour:Green
Packaging:Poly Bag
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This stylish coin Purse is exclusively for Nemesis Now and comes from our own fantastic in-house design team. A young Fairy sits cross-legged on a wooden floor, her hair in a schoolgirl fringe. Around her neck is both a black choker and a crucifix pendant, and in her arms she holds a ragged and roughly-stitched voodoo doll, a red cross marking its heart. Her green skirt bears a pattern of skull and bunches below her, while her green and purple wings are unfolded behind her. She looks at you with a quizzical expression, her head tilted slightly to the side. The Purse obverse has the doll sitting alone on the floor, the vine-patterned wallpaper in green and purple like a hallucination. This close, it can be seen that pins are firmly embedded in the arm and stomach. Regardless the crooked grin remains below the button eyes, leading you to wonder is the doll is truly inanimate. The Purse is held shut with a firm metal clasp, making the contents secure. A perfect gift for those who appreciate a little darkness in their life

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