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Mother’s Day and Spring Top Picks

Mother’s Day and Spring Top Picks

Mother’s Day and Spring Top Picks

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and the Spring season is upon us so we wanted to take you through our top picks! We have figurines, purse, bags, wall plaques and much more, something for every taste, style and genre.

Our Three Wise Highland Cows, sit side by side with adorable eyes. One clasps their hooves to their mouth, one blocks their ears, and one covers their eyes, sneaking a peek regardless. Along with our Highland Cows we also have our Three Wise Donkeys and Three Wise Hares.

Next up Hippy Kitty! Sat staring at your inquisitively, this feline’s fur is covered in vibrant colours and flowers. With a peace sign dangling down from its neck, this kitty is channelling their inner hippy.

Our painted Mother Earth Art figurine is also a perfect gift this spring season. Transcending in all existence, Mother Earth rests, supporting the world as a pregnant belly lays between her decorated arms. Her hair is made up of thick green foliage cascading over her shoulders and down her back with intricate gold embellishments.

We also have a wide selection of shoulder bags to suit lots of different tastes. All our shoulder bags have a zip compartment to store your belongings and also adjustable straps to sit comfortably on your shoulder or across the body.

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