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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Prepare your store for Valentine's Day with Nemesis Now’s exclusive gift guide, featuring a selection of in-stock products perfect for featuring on your valentines displays.

Coming in time for Valentine’s Day is our new and exclusive Till Death Do Us Part Money Box, which is the perfect gift for someone wishing to save up for a special day or to simply use it as a decoration within their homes.

Next, we have our Heart and Key box by Vincent Hie. Designed in the shape of a heart, this box radiates romance. With a lid featuring a central keyhole between a sea of roses and vines, this highly detailed piece is perfect for keeping your most loved possessions safe.

For the jewellery lovers, this gothic love heart hands jewellery dish holder makes for a must-have addition to their homes and is both a romantic and functional present for your customers to treat themselves or their special someone to.

If dragons are what your customer's heart desires, then we have the products just for you. With our Anne Stokes Dragon Heart candle holder, designed specifically for Valentine’s Day, these two dragons gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes whilst forming the shape of a love heart. Additionally, to this, we also have our exclusively designed Dragons Devotion Goblets, which when put together create the shape of a heart, and are perfect for ‘Cheers’ing’ to love this Valentine's Day.

But that’s not everything… Our website features a wide selection of gifts fit for a variation of different budgets and interests. So, whether your customers wish to treat their special someone to a romantic gift or a present which caters towards their likes and hobbies, then Nemesis Now has everything you need to fulfill their Valentine’s wishes and have their imagination realised.