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Brand new Nemesis Now exclusive designs and gothic giftware!

It’s week 2 of our Summer Product Launch and this week is bringing you a selection of new Nemesis exclusive designs as well as the latest released gothic giftware.

A new product which we think is going to be very popular is our Three Wise Highland Cows, super cute and a must-have! These adorable cows sit side by side one covering their eyes, one covering their ears, and one their mouth.

You’ve seen our Mystic Kitty’s and Fortune Kitty, well we bring you 2 new additions, the Celestial Kitty and Hippy Kitty! Perfect for any cat lover.

Our stunning Hands of the Future Crystal Ball Holder will sure be a stand out in any space. The silver palms and black fingertips with added gold detailing and symbology makes the ideal product for all those fortune tellers or for anyone who wants to see the future.

Lastly, we have more gothic animal products to add a touch of darkness to any space!