Mystic Aura Lamp (AS) 27.5cm

All Artist Fairy Figurines


Weight:0.5417 Kg
Primary Colour:Green
Secondary Colour:Purple
Material:Polyester (bulb not included)
Packaging:Colour Box

Lamp supplied with UK plug

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From the fantastic imagination of internationally recognised Gothic artist Anne Stokes comes this alternative lamp, exclusively available through Nemesis Now. A Fairy with pale purple skin and long blue hair stares straight at you with amber eyes. Her head has a circlet with a pentagram on her forehead, with two purple roses at the sides matching her unfurled wings. Around her neck, she wears an amethyst heart on a slender choker, as well as a blue crystal on a longer pendant that hangs down to her green dress past a copper Dragon design. Hovering above her outstretch hand is a glowing orb of light, attracting blue and black butterflies. Almost challenging you to explore a world of Fantasy and enchantment with her, she project an air of Fantasy and wonder, brought to life by Anne Stokes’ amazing art. When the lamp is lit, every detail is highlighted, enhancing this aura and making this the perfect gift for all those who believe in magic.

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