Merry Meet Doormat 45x75cm

Wiccan & Witchcraft


Category:Wiccan & Witchcraft
Weight:2.1750 Kg
Primary Colour:Unspecified
Secondary Colour:Unspecified
Material:PVC Backed Brush Coco
Packaging:Poly Bag

  • Pagan Doormat
  • PVC backed
  • Brushed Coco
  • Size 45 x 75cm

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Let visitors feel welcome when entering your home with this beautiful doormat. Bordered by a repeating vine design, this mat bears the text “Merry meet, Merry part and Merry meet again”, a common way of saying goodbye between Pagans. In the centre, a Celtic tree of life sits proudly, embodying the circle of life. Exclusively for Nemesis Now from our own team of talented in-house designers, this sturdy and stylish mat will mark your house as unique and make sure the world knows of your Pagan beliefs. 

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