Mechanical Respirator 17.4cm



Function:Figurine M (15cm - 29cm)
Weight:0.5333 Kg
Primary Colour:White
Secondary Colour:Orange
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Nemesis Now is proud to present this Steampunk skull statuette, available as a part of our high-value Alator wholesale alternative giftware selection. Staring straight ahead, this skull’s eyes are obscured by brass goggles with smoky blue lenses. Held in place by being wired into the skull rather than with straps, they connect at the back of the skull to some brass hoses. Proceeding forwards around the sides, the hoses are affixed to the side of the skull with bolts, and go through the skull before reaching a large, mechanical brass air filter at the front of the skull, covering the nose and mouth. Cast in high-quality resin before being carefully hand-painted, this skull figurine is a great reminder to budding engineers to wear breathing apparatus when working with dangerous phlogiston.

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