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360 Maiden, Mother Crone 27cm Maiden, Mother Crone 27cm Maiden, Mother Crone 27cm Maiden, Mother Crone 27cm Maiden, Mother Crone 27cm Maiden, Mother Crone 27cm
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Maiden, Mother Crone 27cm

  • SKU: H3151H7
  • Weight: 2.430000kg
  • Material: Polyresin

Available as part of Nemesis Now’s Willow Hall high-quality giftware selection, this Celtic mythology figurine is cast in the finest resin before being given a bronze finish and painstakingly hand-painted. Three women stand with their backs to a large tree, side-by-side. At the left of the scene, the young woman wears flowing blue robes and holds her hands out as a small bird lands. Above her, the tree is blooming, and there is a waxing crescent moon, symbolizing youth and growth. At her feet, roses are in flower. The middle woman is a little older and wears flowing red robes, her hands cupping her pregnant stomach. At her feet a sheaf of wheat has been laid, and above her the tree blooms with apples. The moon above her is full and emblazoned with a pentacle, symbolising fertility and the creation of new life. At the left, this older woman wears purple robes and holds an owl. The tree is withered and has a waning crescent moon, while at her feet is a cauldron with a pattern of triskelion's, symbolizing her wisdom and mastery of magic. Illustrating the cycle and stages of life, this beautiful statuette is the perfect centrepiece to any altar.

Designer:Not specified
Function:Figurines Medium (15-29cm)
Primary Colour:Bronze
Secondary Colour:Green