Long Purse Dark Jester (JR) 18cm

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Weight:0.1080 Kg
Primary Colour:Red
Secondary Colour:Black
Packaging:Poly Bag
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From the untamed, enchanted imagination of world-renowned Fantasy artist James Ryman, this stylish and practical long Purse is exclusively available through Nemesis Now. In front of a red, diagonally checked background, this young harlequin wears a red and black Gothic jester’s outfit, each side in a different design. Her makeup is porcelain white, with the exception of the red around her eyes and her black lipstick, and her red and black hair is held up in pigtails, kept in place with white skull clips. This portable Purse is large enough to keep your money and cards secure, but small enough to easily fit in a handbag, making it a perfect gift for those with a hint of playful darkness about them.

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