Lolita Shoulder Bag 23cm (Little Shadows)



Weight:0.1400 Kg
Primary Colour:Black
Secondary Colour:Purple
Material:PU and Canvas
Packaging:Poly Bag and Swing Tag

  • Artwork from the Little Shadows collection
  • Practical as well as visually stunning
  • The bag has a second smaller pocket at the front to allow for extra storage flexibility
  • Size 23cm

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Exclusively to Nemesis Now, from the dark and twisted imaginations of our own in-house design team, comes this stylish shoulder bag. A young Fairy wearing a black and white striped corset and a black and red Gothic ballerina skirt kneels leaning on a skull, looking at you calmly. Behind her, a full moon hangs in a violet sky, shining through an enchanted forest. Her wings are up behind her, fading from turquoise to pink, and the skull is carved with intricate patterns. Pink roses are carved onto the skull, as well as a pink spades symbol, and the teeth and nose are also coloured pink. The corners of the picture bear a baroque swirling pattern, with a pink rose at the corner itself. Practical as well as visually stunning, this bag has a second smaller pocket in front of the main compartment, allowing for extra storage flexibility. Perfect for the person who wants to express themselves while travelling light

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