Khamseen 22.5cm (BILL)

Andrew Bill


Designer:Andrew Bill
Function:Figurine M (15cm - 29cm)
Weight:1.2000 Kg
Primary Colour:Purple
Secondary Colour:Yellow
Packaging:Colour Box
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Exclusively available as a part of Nemesis Now’s Premium wholesale range, this fantastic dragon figurine is the work of master sculptor Andrew Bill. Climbing over the Sphinx of Egypt, dwarfing the ancient monument, this colossal purple dragon leers downwards at an unseen interloper, orange and yellow wings raised high in a threat display. A red ridge runs down their back with vicious white spikes protruding from it. Their long, thin tail curls possessively around the sphinx, as if claiming it as a part of their hoard. Cast in high-quality resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this dragon brings a taste of the dry, hot winds of the desert to any home.

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