Jewellery Box Mystic Aura AS 25cm



Weight:0.9833 Kg
Primary Colour:Purple
Secondary Colour:Green
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Exclusively available from Nemesis Now’s Premium high-quality wholesale collection, this beautiful jewellery box come from the imagination of world-famous Fantasy artist Anne Stokes. On the lid of this box, a Fairy with pale purple skin and long blue hair stares straight at you with amber eyes. Her head has a circlet with a pentagram on her forehead, with two purple roses at the sides matching her unfurled wings. Around her neck, she wears an amethyst heart on a slender choker, as well as a blue crystal on a longer pendant that hangs down to her green dress past a copper Dragon design. Hovering above her outstretch hand is a glowing orb of light, attracting blue and black butterflies. The sides bear a heart, nestled in a pattern of thorns, with blue jewels scattered throughout. Perfect for storing jewellery (or any gift from the Fey realm), this enchanting box makes a magical gift for anyone with one foot in another world.

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