Guidance Alarm Clock (LP)

Lisa Parker All


Weight:0.3700 Kg
Primary Colour:Black
Secondary Colour:Grey
Material:Metal Case
Packaging:Colour Box
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From the untamed, enchanted imagination of world-renowned fantasy artist Lisa Parker, this fantastic alarm clock is exclusively available through Nemesis Now. Beneath a clear starlit sky, an adult wolf stands on an ancient, gnarled tree root, looking down at their pup. The pup sits back and looks up at them, as if seeking guidance, reassurance and protection, or as if to break into their first howl. Behind them, the aurora borealis tinges the sky green, the silhouettes of fir trees reaching up. The body of the alarm clock is black, including the two bells on top. With each number on the clock face being marked in silver, this clock is perfect for those who need the guidance of a grizzled wolf to find their way out of bed every morning.

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