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Gunslinger Wallet (JR)
Gunslinger Wallet (JR)

Gunslinger Wallet (JR)

Nemesis Now James Ryman Gunslinger Wallet Black 11cm

  • SKU: B3130H7
  • Weight: 0.080000kg
  • Material: PU
  • From Gothic and alternative artist James Ryman.
  • Stylish and practical.
  • Multiple slots for cards.
  • Zip compartment inside.

Nemesis Now James Ryman Gunslinger Wallet Black 11cm

Hands where they can see ‘em, partner. From master of Gothic Fantasy James Ryman, this dark alternative Wallet is exclusively available through Nemesis Now. In a mist-filled graveyard at night, crude wooden crosses marking where the bodies lie, this skeletal sharpshooter stands with pistols in outstretched hands, tattered rags hanging off their bones. Long grey hair blows in the wind from under their brown leather Stetson, and the smoke curling lazily from their cigarette matches the smoke rising from the barrels of the guns. On the back, there is a motif of a skull above the number 666, flanked by two six shooters and contained in a ring of bullets. Perfect for anyone who has a gun and needs to travel with their cash secure, this spacious and stylish Wallet makes a fantastic gift.

Designer:Not specified
Primary Colour:Black
Secondary Colour:Blue
Packaging:Poly Bag