Embossed Journal Play Dead (JR) 17cm

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Function:Journal Collection
Weight:0.2825 Kg
Primary Colour:Black
Secondary Colour:Blue
Material:Coated Paper, Wood Free Paper
Packaging:Poly Bag
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From master of Gothic Fantasy James Ryman, this high-quality alternative journal is exclusively available from Nemesis Now. In a misty graveyard under a full moon, a lone skeleton stands, tattered black rags stretched across their ribcage. Striking a pose as their long black hair flows out from under their top hat, they play a blistering solo on a black flying V guitar. The hatband is held in place by a silver skull, with an ace of spades and some black feathers suck in it (but no firearms or flowers). Skeletal hands rise up from the earth below them, some clawing to escape, some showing their approval by making the sign of the horns. With a chocolate-coloured ribbon to keep your place, this high quality pocket sized journal is perfect for recording any new song lyrics or sick riffs wherever and whenever you think of them.

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