Dragon Clan Umbrella (AS)
Dragon Clan Umbrella (AS)

Dragon Clan Umbrella (AS)

Anne Stokes Dragon Clan Nest Umbrella

  • SKU: B4868P9
  • Weight: 0.302kg
  • Material: plastic, metal, 190T pongee
  • From Gothic and Fantasy artist Anne Stokes.
  • Featuring her Dragon Clan artwork.
  • Extends to 55cm length and 1m span.
  • Contracts to 24cm long and 5cm across.

Anne Stokes Dragon Clan Nest Umbrella

Stay dry in style with our exclusive range of enchanting umbrellas, designed by internationally renowned Gothic artist Anne Stokes. Standing atop a rocky formation, a large Golden Dragon has his mouth open wide, ready to blast his fiery breath over any intruder. Thousands of smaller Dragons hurtle past their Golden protector, gliding through the sky, enjoying their freedom. Extending to 55 cm in length, with a spacious span of almost a metre, this umbrella compacts down to a mere 5cm across and 24cm long for easy carrying and storage, making it perfect for sheltering you in the rain.

Designer:Not specified
Primary Colour:Unspecified
Secondary Colour:Unspecified
Material:plastic, metal, 190T pongee
Packaging:Poly Bag