Diantha - Companion Fairy 25cm

All Premium Fairies


Function:Figurine M (15cm - 29cm)
Weight:1.2500 Kg
Primary Colour:Brown
Secondary Colour:Blue
Packaging:Brown Box
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Exclusive to Nemesis Now, and designed by our own fantastic in-house designers, this fantasy figurine projects an air of magic and serenity. A beautiful fairy, blue and purple butterfly wings unfurled behind her, wears a flowing light blue sarong, the bottom curling like waves on the ocean. Purple curling tattoos emerge from beneath her clothes. She is gazing lovingly at a majestic stag standing next to her as she strokes his antler. They both have flowers scattered throughout their hair, antlers and wings, projecting an aura of peace and calm. This fantasy figurine is perfect for those who love fairies, fantasy, or simply wish to make a calm space in their home

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