Cutiecorn 14cm



Function:Figurines S
Weight:0.4167 Kg
Primary Colour:Blue
Secondary Colour:White
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Exclusively available via Nemesis Now’s Premium high-quality wholesale Fantasy giftware collection, this adorable Unicorn is cast in the finest resin before being lovingly hand-painted. Sitting in a sky-blue teacup with fluffy white clouds painted on it, this cute little Unicorn hangs their forehooves over the edge as they look up at you. Their rainbow-coloured mane is neatly brushed across their head, and their long silver horn spirals up from beneath it. Ears poke out from the sides, and their rainbow-coloured tail hangs out from behind the teacup. They look up at you with large pink eyes, lashes ready to flutter adorably. Almost too adorable, this piece is perfect for anyone who likes the sweeter things in life.

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