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360 Creators Call 32.5cm Creators Call 32.5cm Creators Call 32.5cm Creators Call 32.5cm
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Creators Call 32.5cm

  • SKU: U4712P9
  • Weight: 0.9500kg
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Beautiful purple parent and green child Dragons.
  • Standing on a large pink geode.
  • Cast in high-quality resin.
  • Painstakingly hand-painted.

This piece would take pride of place in any mystic home. Clinging to a rock-covered geode, this majestic Dragon has their wings spread, ready to take flight. Its colouring mixes lilac with deep amethyst to create a metallic ombre look. A hatchling sits directly above the crystal crevice, looking up at its Mother as if learning from her mighty screech. Cast in the finest resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this enchanting piece would look great in anyone's Fantasy collection.

Designer: Not specified
Category: Dragons
Function: Figurines Large (30-50cm)
Weight: 0.9500Kg
Primary Colour: Unspecified
Secondary Colour: Unspecified
Material: Polyresin
Packaging: White Box