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360 Claw Goblet (21cm) Claw Goblet (21cm) Claw Goblet (21cm) Claw Goblet (21cm) Claw Goblet (21cm) Claw Goblet (21cm)
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Claw Goblet (21cm)

  • SKU: PC2948
  • Weight: 0.254000kg
  • Material: Resin w/stainless steel insert

A skeletal hand appears from the abyss, shackled to the underworld. The detailed hand does not have an ounce of flesh, meaning that death took its grasp a very long time ago, and lightly holds the glass cup, forming a beautiful drinking vessel. Cast in the finest resin, before being painstakingly hand-painted, this item would make the perfect addition to any Gothic dining room.

Designer:Not specified
Function:Goblets & Chalices
Primary Colour:Ivory
Secondary Colour:Unspecified
Material:Resin w/stainless steel insert