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360 Brigid 24.5cm Brigid 24.5cm Brigid 24.5cm Brigid 24.5cm Brigid 24.5cm Brigid 24.5cm
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Brigid 24.5cm

  • SKU: H3152H7
  • Weight: 1.8600kg
  • Material: Polyresin

Available as part of Nemesis Now’s Willow Hall high-quality giftware range, this pagan figurine is cast in the finest resin before being given a bronze finish and painstakingly hand-painted. Standing in front of a fireplace, this elegant woman wears a long, flowing green dress, a triskelion on her belt. Her hair hangs down over her shoulders, and in her hands she holds a large red flame. In front of her is a cauldron full of some unknown potion, simmering on a fire, and to her side is a stack of leather-bound books. A plaque at the front simply reads “Brigid” – the Irish goddess of poetry, fertility and healing. Perfect as the centrepiece of any pagan altar, this Celtic figurine is also a fantastic gift for any poet in need of divine inspiration.

Designer: Not specified
Category: Mythology
Function: Figurines Medium (15-29cm)
Weight: 1.8600Kg
Primary Colour: Bronze
Secondary Colour: Red
Material: Polyresin