Bride and Groom (BTB) 10cm

Bad Taste Bears


Designer:Pete Underhill
Function:Figurines S
Weight:0.3056 Kg
Primary Colour:Blue
Secondary Colour:White
Packaging:Gift Box
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It will take more than death to part these two. From the twisted imagination of the notorious Pete Underhill comes this pair of Bad Taste Bear figurines, exclusive to Nemesis Now. Their body faded to a light blue, their sunken eyes betraying no signs of life, this happy pair shamble forward even as the flesh rots from their bones. The groom is splattered in blood, his lower jaw ripped off, bone exposed on his head and feet and his left arm ripped off at the elbow. Meanwhile, the bride shambles forward in a ripped and faded wedding dress, flowers still in her hair and clutched in her hand. Her blue hair drags unkempt and matted over her face, her gaping throat wound having failed to slow her. This figurine pair is the perfect gift for the romantic zombie lover you may know – even if that person is yourself

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