What Is Coming In 2019?

No need to dig out your crystal ball! We have all the information you need about our January product release!

Posted by Lydia Sykes on 15/01/2019

The time to fully release our new 2019 January products is ever looming! So, we thought we would tantalize your gift senses with some of our new products.

When you receive your new catalogue, you may notice that we don’t have as many printed products to release as previous editions. Our focus has shifted slightly, opting for more resin-based products.

Featuring a brand-new figurine from Lisa Parker (Pictured below), our own in-house designed items and licensed drinkware, along with many other collections which are all cast in the finest resin before being expertly hand-painted. The small range of printed products that we will release will mainly comprise of licensed goods from the most poignant artists in Rock and Heavy Metal.

The giftware sector is constantly evolving and carrying on from our 2018 release of collectables for Rock and Roll Heavyweights Motorhead, Iron Maiden and Slayer, we have a few more new collaborations up our sleeves for our 2019 launch and our new ACDC collection (pictured below) is just a teaser of what we have in store! We are offering a new angle on music licensing, which transcends generations and appeals to both the more mature veterans of Rock and their successors who are just beginning to be acquainted with these Heavy Metal giants.

We believe are customers are looking for more branded, licensed collectables and our new releases of 2019 will not disappoint. We have spent the last year or so obtaining more and more licenses from prestigious organisations day by day and the production of these collectables has been both exciting and daunting.

Producing our own lines is a completely different process than that of our licensed products. We have to embody a person’s love for a musician, a celebrity or TV show/Movie in a collectable piece of merchandise and that is where things start to get interesting.

Make sure you keep your eyes on our website over the next few days as their release is only around the corner!

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ACDC Collection- Tankard, wallet, hipflask, shot glassLisa Parker Snow Kisses Figurine- Two wolves licking each other in the snowBaphomet Tankard, Shot Glass, Door Knocker, Goblet Collection- Goat of MendesGame of thrones goblet, Journal and Shot glass collection. Including new Iron Throne GobletIncy and Wincy Baby Spider figures- cute

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