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Week Six: Find the Witch!

Within the safety of Castle Nemesis there resides a clowder of abandoned familiars. Left Witch-less after their Battle with powerful Sea deity Cthulhu (we will save this tale for another time), these beautiful black familiars make the most adorable Witches Litter. Spending their days keeping the Castle mouse-free, they are content in their new home… Well, most of them.

The self-named “Coven Keepers” are made up of the four most mischievous felines. Led by Hocus, the further three, named Pocus, Binx and Tabitha, will do all that they can to find their Sorceress Owner.

Early one morning Hocus noticed that the door to their resting place was ajar, quickly rousing the other three without disturbing their Brothers and Sisters, Hocus made a dash for freedom.

She made it to the hall and slowly made her way through the castle, her three siblings following closely behind. After tackling an obstacle course of stairs and winding corridors they finally made it to the Castle’s gate. Small enough to squeeze through the gaps in the wrought iron, they were finally out in the open realms ready to find their Owner.

As always, Hocus took the lead as they padded through the Forest of Devotion. Happily marching, the felines had no cares in the world, until they heard a rustling. Not afraid to investigate they wandered off the beaten path to find a pair of fearsome Dragons, coiled around a large ornate Silver Cross.  In unison, they turned their scaled heads to look down at the tiny familiars and with mighty deep voices they bellowed “What do you foolish beings think you are doing?”

“We’re looking for our Sorceress,” Hocus said in her boldest voice.

The Crimson Dragon’s looked shocked that the familiars didn’t just flee, ‘What a brave little creature’ they thought to themselves.

After a moment of deep cogitation, the pair of Fire-Breathers roared, “Ok, little one. We will help you find your mistress. Go to the darkest place in the Forest of Devotion and you will find the Fallen Realm. Seek out the Dark Angel, she will guide you”

Trying to hide their trembling limbs, the Coven Keepers thanked the mighty beings before hurrying to the next part of their adventure.  

Meandering through the forest, just as the Dragons had said, they made their way to their destination. A macabre aura suddenly filled the air, the Fallen Realm was upon them. As they walked through the thick mist, skulls crunched under their small paws. Through the thick trees, at end of a long path, they noticed a clearing, quivering with trepidation they ran.

In the centre of the circular clearing, there was a large pair of Black Angel wings, edged in elaborate Golden patterns. Hocus pushed the others behind her and cleared her throat before saying “We need your help! The Dragons of Devotion Forest told us you could find our Sorceress”

With that, the wings spread wide, as if stretching after an eternity of slumber, and shook the dust off their feathers. One wing raised as if waving to the small familiars and then pointed down towards its plinth. It first read ‘Dark Angel’ but then started to change...

‘To find your enchantress, follow your heart…She resides in a place that is poles apart. Go to the water at the edge of the land, she will appear but not as you planned’

There was only one lake in the lands, the Great Lake that joined the Spiral Kingdom and the Nemesis Realm. Hocus’ eyes lit up as she realised where the sorceress was.

Gathering the others, they fled all the way to the Great Lake…

Sometime later they arrived at the vast sea of blue, which covered as far as the eye could see. Just as the Dark Angel communicated, they stood patiently and waited.


It has been a few hours since their arrival and still no sign of any life within the lake. They had all but given until Hocus decided to take the plunge. Jumping into the lake to find her mistress, she would try anything to see her one more time.

Struggling to keep afloat she all but drowned as the others stood in fear. She could feel herself slipping when a gentle hand nudged her to the water's surface. The Lady of the Lake appeared, cradling the small familiar to safety.

As Hocus regained consciousness she looked upward towards the Lady. Amazement set in; she was finally reunited with her sorceress…

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